Drake Boy Meets World Tour – REVIEW

So this post is a lil different to my usual fashion/beauty based posts but I am attending a few concerts this month so thought I would do some reviews on them. On the 8th of Feb this year I finally got to fulfill one of my biggest dreams of seeing Drake live, you will have to excuse my awful videography skills but it’s easy to say that great quality video’s where not my main focus at that moment in time.

When I was 15 (i’m 21 now) I actually had tickets to go see Drake at his Take Care tour but I sold them because I was to anxious to travel to Sheffield and it has been one of my biggest regrets to this day, but now I feel like I can forgive myself.

Drake didn’t come out until around 10pm which was slightly annoying but the whole experience was that amazing I can completely forgive him. The opening song was Trophies which is my absolute fave so I just died from then on (if you listen closely in the video you’ll hear me scream “I love this song” lool). Here are just a few of my videos – mostly the ones that aren’t all over the place.

By the third/fourth song the whole arena was probably about 35 degrees, I have never been so hot in my entire life. Drake had explosions and fire exploding literally song after song, it was literally mesmerising. If there was one word to describe the whole experience it would be ‘YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS’.

I was so excited and in the moment I bought two tops from the merch box which where £40 each, the Revenge Summer 16 and More Life long sleeved t-shirts are my new favourite items.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

During the final section (the part with the globe where Pop Style was sung) my phone died, but I can honestly say that section alone was worth the £90 I paid for my ticket. He sung Pop Style, Know Yourself, Fake Love, Legend and Energy and the whole arena was (forgive my use of language) LIT. Everyone was singing at the top of their voices and jumping around, I have never experienced anything like it and I was seated. It was crazy! I still have post concert depression and i’m writing this on the 13th, I’d pay another £100 to go back tomorrow if only the tickets weren’t sold out!


So basically after rambling on all I can say is if you haven’t experience a Drake concert, you need to. I am slightly mad at myself for selling my ticket all those years ago and waiting so long to finally see him live. I have never experienced anything quite like it, without a doubt the best concert I have ever been to and will probably ever go to! Amazing.


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