Makeup Revolution Luxe Retro Lip Kits : The WORST Liquid Lipstick Ever.

So with great excitement I recently purchased these highly anticipated Makeup Revolution Lip Kits. For a third of the price of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit’s I thought it would do no harm to try them out so I bought 2. I have never regretted spending £15 more in my life! I’m going to get into the details of this lip kit and how I would rate it – spoiler alert, its awful.

Overview :

So these lip kits can be bought from some Superdrug stores, but I bought mine from I looked at swatches online and bought the colours Reign (a subtle but girly pink) and Echelon (A mauvey purple/brown colour). They are £6 each plus shipping and you get a liquid lipstick plus a lip liner which I thought was excellent value for money.

However after trying them I have realised I wouldnt even pay £3 for these, I would much rather go buy the MUA liquid lipsticks. If you do go buy these I would recommend looking at swatches because the colour’s are nothing like the ones on the box.


Packaging :

So as you an probably see the packaging is actually pretty beautiful. Very similar to Kylie Cosmetics with the lips on and the metallic details, the actual liquid lipstick packaging itself is nothing to get excited about but who cares really? No one pay’s for the packaging to be pretty, you pay for the product.


Application :

Initially when applying these I thought they where going to be amazing. The lip liner is truly great quality, its very creamy and pigmented and is so similar to the Kylie Lip Kit lip liners. The liquid lipstick formula is very thick and velvety at first and comes with a traditional doe-foot applicator and is very easy to apply!

What I noticed about this is that the lip liner and the liquid lipsticks are completely different colours in both of my lipsticks! The only way I can explain it is the lip liners are warm toned whilst the lipstick is very very cool.



Reign on the left Echelon on the right.

For example, the colour Echelon comes with a nude brown lip liner but the lipstick is more of a mauve colour; its so strange. The two together look completely off so I am probably going to wear them separately.

Wearability :

So this is where people would usually talk about how drying the liquid lipstick is, however this particular liquid lipstick does not dry! I applied it and waited 5 minutes and it was extreeeemly sticky still which I thought “oh this is taking a long time to dry”.

I then went to work for 5 hours and it STILL wasn’t dry! It stays on the lips very thick and is just so sticky whenever you put your lips together. It settles into your creases awfully and it wasn’t until I bought this product that I really appreciated how fantastic Kylie Cosmetic’s liquid lipstick is.

How long does it last :


Despite how uncomfortable and sticky it is it does last for hours, it actually is super hard to get off. I suppose this is a positive thing if you don’t mind your lips feeling heavy and gross all day. I did notice that if your lips do come into contact with anything it leaves patches and crumbles off. I drank a Starbucks coffee (btw how amazing is the new Butterscotch Brulee Latte?!) and it had crumbles of lipstick all over the lid which couldn’t come off because the product is so sticky.

Rating :


No shock here but i’m going to rate this 3/10. The colours are pretty despite not matching their lip liner and I do still wear them if I aren’t going to be somewhere for a long time. The lip liner is also amazing and I would purchase it is on its own. But overall, it’s without a doubt the worst liquid lipstick I have ever tried, even worse than the Maybelline Provocalips (which I absolutely can’t stand).

I will not be repurchasing anymore and overall i’m really disappointed. I feel like Makeup Revolution put these out for the sake of it and didn’t really put any effort into making a better formula. I would have happily paid more money for these had the formula been better!

Also on another side note, whilst swatching these my arm started to tingle then after washing it off I literally had an itchy rash on my arm for about half an hour. It doesn’t irritate my lips which is weird, but please take this into account if you have sensitive skin at all.

Thank you so much for reading! Please don’t forget to follow me as I will be doing a give-away in the coming weeks. Comment below what you would like to see in the give-away!


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