Urban Decay : Ultimate Basics V Naked 3

The Urban Decay NAKED collection are probably some of the most iconic eye-shadow palettes within the makeup community. I received two of the palettes for Xmas,the Ultimate Basics palette and the NAKED 3. The basics is just every basic shade you could possibly want or need. The NAKED 3 palette is a mixture of shimmer and matte that ranged from pinks and golds to browns and purple. I have tried out both of these palettes and compared them both.


The Ultimate Basics:
So starting at the beginning it has the lightest shades and its gradients into the black at the end. It evenly splits the warm and cool toned colours. My personal fave are the warmer tones, the browns/nudes are perfect for crease colours. “Extra Bitter” is my all time favorite eye shadow, its a gorgeous copper red/orange and it so statement.

The pigment in these eyeshadows is a-mazing! The lighter ones aren’t as pigmented but still beautiful for a base. The crease shades blend like an absolute dream. What also impressed me was how smooth the darker shades where, there is no patchiness and the colours are so vibrant, especially the far-right purple shade. I used to think for the price was steep for an eyeshadow palette, but the quality of these is actually so worth the price and when I would repurchase it in a heartbeat. dsc_0234-01

The NAKED 3:
My opinion is very less positive about this Naked palette however, and considering there is sooo much hype about these I am actually disappointed. I don’t know if I was expecting to much but it just doesn’t perform as I expected it to. The matte shades once again are great, but the shimmer shades just aren’t very good. I have tried making my brush damp, I have applied primer to my eyelid but they just don’t really do much. There isn’t much fall out which is good, but that’s because there really isn’t much pigment to any of them on a brush. Packing it on with your finger adds more colour but is not really ideal.

My favourite colour in the whole palette is ‘Trick’ the beautiful copper shimmer shade, I had an amazing image of a copper smoky eye combining it with the ‘Extra Bitter’ from the Ultimate Basics palette but it really really doesn’t give the pigmentation I want. The pink shimmers ‘Burnout’ and ‘Dust’ are probably the best as they add a lovely sheen to your eye, but other than that I am less than impressed. For the retail price of £38.50, I definitely wouldn’t even pay half of that.

I personally seem to have had a much better time with the matte shades as opposed to the shimmers, I am so upset at how the Naked 3 palettes performs for me. If anyone is looking for a basic starter palette I would highly recommend the Ultimate Basics, but I just can’t justify spending short of £40 on the naked palettes. I would love to hear your opinion’s on these palettes if you have ever tried them. Please comment below and don’t forget to follow for my future posts.


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