How I Achieve Flawless Skin

Everyone knows the ultimate key to flawless makeup is flawless skin. I have never really been big on an extreme skincare routine, but I am fortunate and never really experienced serious acne throughout my life. However, everyone is prone to a breakout every now and then. The products I use now I have been using for a good year after finally finding something that works well for my skin. Everything I use is also super affordable so you won’t find any Khiels here, sorry guys! If you are interested in some affordable and amazing products keep reading.


Makeup Removal – Removing your makeup properly every night is one of the most important things. The makeup wipes that I use are the Johnsons face care wipes. There is 3 types, dry skin, oily skin and combination. I personally use the combination as I have found the others to break me out really bad as they are so watery. These are only £2 from Asda but are usually on sale for £1.50. After I have already removed my makeup I rinse my face with warm water and then remove any remaining makeup with my Simple cleansing wipes. These are my absolute holy grail wipes, my skin has never felt so amazing. They even seem to help my dark circles which nothing helps, they are a god send and are only £2 from Superdrug! I would highly recommend these.


Cleansing – I absolutely swear by cleansing your face before applying makeup or after washing it. I love to use my Bioderma micellar water on a cotton pad when I wake up in a morning. It really leaves my face feeling refreshed and clean. I then apply some of my Simple cleansing lotion. I bought this about 6 months ago because I mistook it for hand moisturiser and I have never looked back, this bottle has lasted me so long and I will be going straight to repurchase it as soon as it eventually runs out. I can without a doubt put down my clear skin to this product, which has single handedly kept my skin 80% break out free for the past 6 months. It feels so amazing on the skin and soaks in so quickly you don’t feel anything on your skin. I absolutely love it.20170104_1159040-01

Makeup Prep –  My sister suffered with acne really bad until her doctor prescribed her with the Epiduo gel, you can’t actually buy it from a drugstore as it has bleach in it but it worked an absolute miracle on her skin. It essentially burns the top layer of your skin off (it’s not as gross or painful as it sounds) and reveals a flawless under layer. I apply a tiny dot of this on to any of the spots I feel coming on before they fully break out. They dry up and are gone within 2 days max, I have never known anything like it. This keeps my skin completely spot free with no need for heavy makeup application! For underneath my makeup I absolutely love this Clean and Clear blemish correcting moisturiser. It fills in any pores and corrects your skin colour allowing an even coverage of your foundation. I got this for Christmas a year ago and can not find it anywhere online to link. This really acts as an amazing primer and I love it.20170104_115932-01

Drink water – Here’s the cliche part – drink water and lots of it. You’re probably sick of hearing it but I could not even imagine what my skin would be like without drinking water. I actually went through a phase in high school where I drank like 4 litres of water a day but my skin was completely flawless, isn’t that just every 14 year olds dream? I don’t drink as much water these days but I try my hardest to drink at least 3 500ml bottles a day.

Thank you so much for reading this post, hope it was helpful for some of you. Try out some of these products and let me know your thoughts! Comment your favourite skin care items below, I am looking for a new eye cream to help with my dark circles so let me know which one’s are worth the money.
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