Kylie Lip Kit Review

I have wanted to try the Kylie Lip kits for so long but couldn’t bring myself to pay the money it costs to get them in the UK, but when Kylie did $5 international shipping I thought if I don’t get them now I never will. I decided to go for Candy K and Ginger as these seem like the 2 most wearable shades that I would get the most use out of. I have wore both of them a few time’s not and here’s how I felt they compared to other liquid lipsticks.


Colour – So as you can see Ginger is a deep warm toned brown with a slight hint of orange in it. It reminds me slightly of Mac Taupe whereas Candy K is a nude-pink. Both dry a lot darker than I thought they would and look a lot darker without flash photography as seen in the photo’s. In person I feel like Candy looks more like I would have expected Dolce K to look and Ginger looks a lot like how I thought Brown Sugar would look but that may be because I have a fair skin tone.

Application – In the lip kits you get a liquid lipstick and a liner. I bought a singular Candy K so that came with no liner. The liner is smooth and glides on comfortably, the actual liquid lipstick itself is also very easy to apply. The consistency is quite watery but it applies so pigmented and easily with a steady hand. I would advice paying the extra for a liner when purchasing the darker shades as it will be easier to create a sharper line.

Formula – One coat of the formula is more than enough as it is highly pigmented even though it seems quite diluted. If you go over with another coat the formula does become very cakey and feels super uncomfortable, because it dries matte the more coats you put on the more it cracks. Even though Kylie claims it’s so lightwearing you “can’t feel it” you definitely can. However not to point where you feel like you want to rip your lips off. I personally found Candy K to be a lot drier and more uncomfortable than Ginger, maybe being one of the original 3 formulas it isn’t as great as the newer ones. Personally Ginger is really comfortable on my lips and light-wearing.

Longevity – Most matte lipsticks claim to last all day, but most aren’t as expensive as Kylie’s. Kylie’s really do last all day but do come off when eating or drinking and leave that annoying white line across the lips as they get drier. I found Ginger to be more noticeable when it starts coming off but only because it’s the darker shade. I have wore both for 9 hour shifts at work and would say I prefer Ginger as it is more comfortable, but Candy lasts longer. Candy also seems to make the cracks in my lips more noticeable the longer I wear it.

Overall rating – 8/10.
Although I prefer satin lipsticks these matte’s are definitely the best i’ve ever used. Compared to MUA or NYX they are definitely more comfortable. Candy is my least favourite and I would compare that to the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick’s, for the price it’s not really worth it as you can get it cheaper from NYX. However, Ginger is so outstanding it took all the points. It’s more comfortable to wear than any matte lipsticks I own. I will choose this over my Taupe lipstick any day. It doesn’t bleed, it looks absolutely stunning it gives a real airbrushed look to my lips that I was really hoping for with this lip-kits.

If anyone is thinking about buying these lip-kits and is still  on the fence I would say buy Ginger, or any of the other colours released around that time or after as the formula is so much better. The custom’s charge is annoying to anyone out of the USA but if you buy these in bulk I suppose its worth it.

Please comment your thoughts below and if you’ve ever had any experiences with Kylie’s liquid lipsticks. Don’t forget to follow and don’t miss out on my upcoming posts!


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