Everyday Contour Routine – Drugstore

Hey guys! So I decided to post an updated everyday contour routine as I got some amazing products for christmas I thought would be great to share with you. So if you read my previous post on the Makeup Revolution Cream Contour Pallette you will know just how much I love it, but when you’re in a rush to get to work or uni on time it is just not practical. So this is how I achieve an a defined face everyday:

Maybelline Master Contour –

So after I have finished applying my foundation I apply my master contour stick. For people needed a little push to convert from powder to cream contour this is the product for you. It is so easy to use, so blendable and feels so weightless compared to other cream contours. I apply the contour shade to the usual places, my cheekbones, jawline and forhead and the highlight in area’s I want to look lighter. I blend it out with either my buffing brush or a beauty blender and it add’s such a lovely natural shadow to your face.

shop here – contour stick 

Setting the Cream –

No matter what cream contour I use I always have to set it. One little gift I got for christmas was a French Connection contour palette, which is surprisingly good. The dark contour shade isn’t to pigmented so you can build it up slowly without caking it on your face. Because the cream contour bronzes my whole face I don’t have to worry about bronzer so I just apply my powder contour under my cheek bones to add more definition. I then contour my nose slightly with powder contour only. This palette it also on sale half price now on the link below so if you’re looking for a new contour kit go grab it at a bargain price!

shop here – palette

Highlight –

I firstly apply a loose powder to my face in areas I want to highlight and after applying concealer I then bake my under eyes. Then I move on to highlighter, Freedom is becoming my new favourite drug store brand, their Pro Blush palette is truly amazing. The highlighters are so pigmented and are truly beautiful. I have the ‘bronze baked’ palette, there is a pink side for a cool toned makeup look or a bronze side for a warmer look or for people with darker skin tones. I like to mix both of the highlighters together to get a golden shimmer. I then add a last minute bronze to the parts of my face that the loose powder covered with the middle shades and the face makeup is finished and flawless.

shop here – Pallete 

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I really think you should all go try out the amazing Freedom Pro Blush palette you will not be disappointed especially for the price point! Comment your favourite highlighter below I would love to try them all out! Don’t forget to follow me to stay tuned for my new posts!


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