First Day in Lanzarote


So I am currently on holiday in Lanzarote, and other than relaxing by the pool I found this the perfect opportunity to grace my blog with some beautiful photo’s of Playa Blanca. So I’m currently writing this post sat in the outdoor lounge area of my apartment complex with a kiwi smoothie.

Before I arrived I was so apprehensive of the weather, all I had been told about was constant winds and over-cast clouds. Today neither is apparent, the slight breeze from Marina Rubicon actually is quite refreshing when you are sat in 30 degree heat. The Pueblo Marinero apartments where I am staying are located right on top of the marina with a string of bars and places to eat, whilst the actual strip of Playa Blanca is 20 minutes walk. My initial thoughts of this particular section of Lanzarote is that it is very peaceful, relaxed and expensive.

I was walking for an hour trying to find a shop that sold some sunglasses (who forgets to take sunglasses on holiday?) that weren’t Michael Korrs or Prada and cost less than £140. There is no strip of cheap shops that sell fake Ray-Bans and Converse. Instead there is four ‘Fund Grube’ shops within five minutes of each-other that sell’s Versace Denim and Guess bags for over £160 each. The actual strip of Playa Blanca is less expensive but only seems to consist of diving-equipment shops.

Overall however, it is a really beautiful place. It has so many little quirks to it, the quaint ice-cream carts set up along the walk, the rocks literally stuck on top of each-other to create something pleasing to the eye whilst walking along. I particularly loved the build-up of wood and rocks that create ‘Freddys Cat Kingdom’ for the stray cats that wander along (even though I absolutely hate cats, it’s a cute concept). I really look forward to exploring more and posting more content on my blog! Has anyone reading ever visited Playa Blanca? Recommend me things to do and places to go below, or just comment your thoughts on the post. Thankyou so much for reading, please follow to keep posted on my holiday posts for the next two weeks. X



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