BTS St Stephens Spring/Summer16 Campaign Shoot

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Hello everyone! So in case no one knew I am from the glorious Hull. A few of the things we have to be proud of is our main shopping center, St Stephens. Home to all of our high-street brands and shops. I was kindly asked to come along for a photo-shoot for their spring/summer ’16 collection this year and get some behind the scenes photo’s. All parties will be credited at the bottom of this post but for now we will get into the outfits.



Model – Brad Skelly

The first outfits were styled from items found at USC Fashion ( a brand shop owned by the same chain as Van Mildert, its just a bit more affordable. The personally think the brand Firetrap is perfect for older men. The light-wash straight leg jeans are the perfect contrast to the dark toned t-shirt. I love the cool toned colours Firetrap’s Spring/Summer collection has adopted to add more of a grunge vibe to their pieces. The shoes added a casual vibe to the outfit and the shirt could be thrown over either the vest or the t-shirt as a layering piece.


Model – Ashley Ienco

Really giving a feel for summer was the Calvin Klein collection also sold at USC. The bright blue swim shorts are an absolute best seller at USC this summer as they just scream holiday at you. Sliders are so on trend this year and with the printed ‘CALVIN KLEIN’ you can’t miss what brand you are wearing. This outfit sets USC’s demographic to a younger audience as opposed to the Firetrap and is the perfect throw-on and go to the beach outfit for any 2016 holidays.



Model – Yvie McCormick

Although Hull lacks a Victoria’s secret Boux Avenue provides some amazing affordable nightwear. This embroidered pyjama set is so beautifully detailed I kind of wish I could wear it outside. One of my favourite parts about the styling here is the hair. The messy braid intertwined with flowers adds such an innocent and dainty feel to these photos. These  kind of remind me of a small fairy prancing through a garden filled with blossoms on a spring day, or am I just crazy?



Model – Yvie McCormick

Next is usually a shop  I would just walk by without second guessing but I really like the outfit styled here. It’s probably the largest shop in the shopping center as it neighbours with Lipsy. The white embroidered dress is such a great spring/summer piece. I usually aren’t a fan of long sleeved dresses but the sheer material gives an elegant but effortless look. White is always a perfect colour to bring out a tan on holiday, pairing the dress with red shoes added a pop of colour to the outfit. The embellished aztek print clutch added a bohemian vibe to the outfit but a structured red clutch could have given it more of an evening look.


Topman is a favourite in every shopping center, providing basically every trend necessary for men. Going for a casual look the stylists paired a simple pair of jogger shorts with a black tee and matching black Flossy’s. For a comfortable and effortlessly stylish look, the grey backpack added to the monochrome look.


My personal favourite look of the day was also styled from Topman with more on an on-trend edge to it. The grey jogger shorts were traded for a pair of black skinnies and layered with a distressed grey sweatshirt. I love the distressed trend and think this is an amazing Yeezy Season dupe for those who can’t (or just wont) spend £100’s on a ripped jumper. I love the accessories used on this look and think a pair of high top black converse would really work with this outfit. Although to me this is not a ‘Spring/Summer’ piece I absolutely love the jumper and actually went and bought it straight after I left.


New Look men has really gone all out this summer with their menswear. Denim shorts and loafers are so on trend and pairing it with a button up shirt. The print on the shirt is the perfect contrast to the pure white shorts. This outfit is quite formal and could be used for an event, and with New Look prices how could you complain? I never really rated New Look mens until now, I definitely think their SS16 collection is perfect to challenge Topman!


How great could an outfit from Peacocks be? Its peacocks! I was actually pleasantly surprised that this two-peice suit was styled from their! I have never seen a set of shirts paired with a blazer before, but it worked. The pink shirt was subtle and looked almost as though it was once white but washed with a pair of red socks. The colours meshed together really well and complimented the brown brogues well. I also love the subtle detail of the Hugo Boss watch that really gave the outfit a pulled together look.tumblr_o8bg8qRFhk1tcxrzko3_1280tumblr_o8bg8qRFhk1tcxrzko5_1280tumblr_o8bg8qRFhk1tcxrzko4_1280tumblr_o8bg8qRFhk1tcxrzko2_1280

The Ariana Grande for Lipsy collection is sold at the Hull St Stephens shop and I absolutely love the 60’s vibe these photo’s gave. The hair really resembled Ariana whilst the bold pink lip and winged liner really gave a new look to the monochrome two-piece. I love the fact the shoes were a subtle black heel but had a platform really adding to the vintage element of this outfit. The bracelet shown is a Swarovski crystal bracelet, I love how dainty and elegant it is not really distracting anything away from the already slightly busy outfit.


The black ruffle prom dress from Ariana’s Lipsy collection is my personal favourite out of the two dresses featured. I love how gothic it looks opposed to the other more girly outfit. The V-neck add’s a slightly revealing element to the dress whilst the ruffling skirt keeps it looking classy and really pretty. I think the models fair skin tone really compliments this dress and a deep-plum lip would have looked amazing with this outfit.


The final outfit I got to see before my camera died was styled from River Island. White is such a crisp colour for spring/summer and these jeans from River Island are perfect. Printed shirts and something River Island is really excelling in this spring/summer with amazing Japanese designs and leaf prints. They remind me of a ‘dad-shirt’ if you know what I mean, but about 10x better with less yellows and reds.


Experiences like these are my favourite to post on my blog, it really is something different to my usual reviews etc. This post took me about 4 hours in total to edit together and write, as well as stringing through 450 photo’s to find the final 50.  Comment below on your thoughts of this post and the outfits! Hope you enjoyed reading or just browsing the photo’s


I would just like to credit –
STASH Agency – shooting the Spring/Summer Campaign for St Stephens
Photographer for the campaign – Andy Houghton
All outfits styled by – Paige Newton & James Ash
Hair and Makeup by – De Lacy Hair & Beauty – Located in Beverley.
Shoot Location – Insight Photography Studio – Located in Hessle.


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