Hull Fashion Week Finale

Hull Fashion Week ended with three amazing cat walk shows featuring styles outfits from all of the stores on Hull high-street. These ranged from River Island and Topshop to independent ranges like ‘Paul for Brain Recovery‘; a clothing campaign raising money to help people who have suffered brain injuries.
The outfits ranged from formal gowns/suits to everyday and festival wear. A local dance academy Aspire also joined the HFW team to help really put on a show during the breaks. Take a look at the photo set below and don’t forget to comment. Xtumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko3_1280tumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko10_1280tumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko2_1280tumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko4_1280tumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko9_1280tumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko8_1280tumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko1_1280tumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko6_1280tumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko7_1280tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko3_1280tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko1_1280tumblr_o63j7h4TZO1tcxrzko5_1280tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko2_1280tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko6_1280tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko4_1280tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko5_1280tumblr_o63ja3gWQN1tcxrzko1_1280tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko7_1280tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko8_250tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko9_1280tumblr_o63ja3gWQN1tcxrzko7_1280tumblr_o63ja3gWQN1tcxrzko6_1280tumblr_o63ja3gWQN1tcxrzko2_1280tumblr_o63ja3gWQN1tcxrzko5_1280tumblr_o63ja3gWQN1tcxrzko3_1280tumblr_o63ja3gWQN1tcxrzko4_1280tumblr_o63j92qTu41tcxrzko10_1280


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